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 I hope you find yummy things and inspiration to help you whip up some yummy things in your own kitchen!


How did E.A.T. come to be?


In 2011 I married the MOST wonderful man. And his last name starts with a T. My name is Emily and my middle name stars with an A....which makes my intitials E.A.T.  Meant to be, right?? I do love to EAT, but I mostly love to COOK.  I also love to TEACH people how to cook. So that's how E.A.T. came to be. And I hope that someday soon, I can take the additional skills that I am currently learning in Culinary School, combined with my love of Kitchen Organization, and create my own Business. I would love to spend my career teaching people how to cook in their OWN kitchens. Hence, the name of my blog..."Come 2 my Kitchen".

So, thanks for joining me here!! I hope I can inspire you, teach you, and encourage you to try new things in the kitchen. My personal style is what I call "modified gourmet". I'm not into expensive or exotic ingredients (all but a very few), I believe in doing it the easiest way possible so I have time for other things I love in life, and I like to mix sweet and savory together...a lot! 

I also love to entertain, and I dearly love to decorate. In the past, I owned my own Catering and Wedding Planning business. I discovered along the way that I loved doing the floral more than the catering, so at the tail end of the business I scaled back to Dessert Buffets only. I found that cooking a full meal for more than 60 people is more work than it was worth to me. I eventually had to close that business due to my ex-husband walking out on me, and having to sell my home to start a new life for myself. It's been 7 years since that time, and I feel like I'm finally getting my wings back to do what I really love to do. I give that thanks to my sweet new husband, who has fully encouraged me to fly and live to my fullest potential! 

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