Storing Fresh Produce in Jars

Many of my readers have seen my posts about Keeping Cream Fresher for longer, and possibly another post on my other blog about Keeping Berries Fresh.  This post follows right in line with both of my tips for using jars to keep food fresh for longer.

The jars in the photo contain Blackberries, Basil, Romaine Lettuce, and Spinach. Each of the items are produce that I immediately put into clean glass jars when I get home from the store (or receive my Bountiful Baskets order....or when it's summer, pull from my garden).

I typically use Mason type jars, but I also use empty pickle jars or any other large jars that I can find at the thrift store.

Why do I do this??

Because the unwashed, and unstemmed fruits and vegetables stay at the perfect temperature and hydration levels to keep spoilage at bay.

Does it REALLY work?? Yes it does!

The berries above lasted for 9 days. The basil for 2 weeks, and the spinach is still in there! (Now going on 3 weeks). The lettuce lasts for up to 10 days, but I typically use it up faster than that.

Besides Greens, Herbs and Berries, I also use it for Asparagus, Mushrooms and Broccoli, though each of these last only a short time longer than if they are just in your produce drawer. Mainly it will help to maintain the crispness of those items.

Not throwing away spoiled produce will save you money on your grocery bill, I promise!

For more info on how to handle and store your produce in jars, please visit this post about berries, keeping in mind that the general directions will apply to any produce.

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Have a Daily Cup of Mrs. Olson said...

Thanks for this great tip! Who knew they would last so much longer in glass jars. Going to do this! Thanks for sharing with SYC.