I'm off on a Culinary Adventure!

I am BEYOND Excited....

.....For my next Culinary Adventure.

I get to do an Internship at the MOST amazing Hotel and Events Venue...

The GRAND AMERICA Hotel in Salt Lake City, Utah.

This venue is the NICEST hotel in all of Utah. It is the cream of the crop, the ultimate, the most luxurious, the most classy, and just hands-down the coolest place with fabulous vintage style. It's my kind of place.

And I get to work inside. Making Pastries and Baked goods. And loving every fabulous experience.

I cannot wait to get started!

I owe very special thanks to my wonderful instructor who had the faith in me to recommend me for such an incredible opportunity. I have SO much to learn while I'm there, and I can hardly wait to dive in and work hard! 

These photos are courtesy of The Grand America Media Center, and you can see more by visiting their website at  The Grand America Hotel

I am really, really excited to do this Internship! Can you tell???

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