p.s. I love you, Pinterest

 In the past few days, I have noticed that Pinterest has been making some changes to their functionality. I first noticed it when I went to pin something from other blogs...there is a new screen that pops up and the headings are included with the pics. Fascinating!


Well this morning I noticed that it also looks different when I re-pin from the site directly. And when I decided to try something because it showed "Search" in the bar, I was OVERJOYED indeed!! 




 They had this function about a year ago, but it was only being beta-tested, according to their site, and they took it away after a while. I was very sad!


I have over 160 boards, so searching through all of them is a bit of a pain in the patookie!


Well, they have saved me loads of time with this new feature, so I took some time out of my busy day today to send them a little "Thank You Note". I hope you'll share it on your pinterest boards too! Let's let the developers know how much we appreciate their work to make life funner, easier and more PIN-teresting!!



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