St. Patrick's Day Party Food and Fun!

This morning I presented a couple of segments on my local TV news Channel (KSL 5-SLC, UT) for a St. Patrick's Day Party! In this post, I will be sharing recipes that were spotlighted during the segments. For the Party Decor and Games, please visit THIS POST on my Creative Blog AdventuresofaBusyBee! Thanks for visiting both of my blogs!

First up is the largest food item that I showed this morning:

Shamrock Trifle

 This is a super easy St Patty's Day dessert! You could also easily substitute other flavors and shapes for other holidays during the year.


1 8 serving package Lime Jell-o (or 2 small packages) 
1 1/2 cups boiling water, plus 1 cup ice cubes
       Make the jell-o with the boiling water, then add the ice cubes. Pour into a 9x13 pan and chill until firm. Cut half of it with a small shamrock cutter, or just cut into squares. Save all scraps if using a cutter.
1 pkg Sara Lee Poundcake (in the freezer section)
       Trim the top of the cake off with a long serrated knife. Set aside, but don't discard. Cut down the middle longways so that you have two long pieces of cake left.  Cut each piece into 3-4 designs with a shamrock shaped cookie cutter if you have one. If not, cut into squares or use a glass to make circles. Save ALL the trimmings, you will need them for the trifle assembly.
1 large carton of Cool Whip (or  2 cups Whipped Cream, if desired)
2 cups prepared Bird's Custard
         Follow package directions to make this. If you can't find the custard base in the store, substitute with an instant pudding that is yellow in color; 8 serving size. Chill well.
1 small package Hershey's White Chocolate Instant Pudding
         Prepare according to package directions.
Cake Sprinkles or other toppings as desired

      ~Layer shamrock jell-o shapes in the bottom of a large Trifle Dish (Straight sides, taller, usually with a footed pedestal). Position the shamrocks to show their design. Fill in the space behind with the other scraps and remainder. 
     ~Place the pound cake pieces on top of the jell-o pieces, and fill in behind with the scraps and top.
     ~Cover the cake layer with Cool Whip
     ~Cover Cool Whip with the chilled Bird's Custard
     ~ Cover Bird's Custard with the White Chocolate Pudding. 
     ~If you still have room in the container, add another layer of Cool Whip. Top with sprinkles.

**Note: I don't recommend making the final presentation more than an hour in advance if you are using a design because of settling issues, but all of the components can be made and prepared for last minute assembly.

Individual Desserts:

St Patty's Almond Bark, Little Leprechaun Puffed Rice Balls, and Candied Celtic Knots, which are 2 types of pretzels stuck together with melted chocolate and topped with green sugar crystals.

St Patty's Almond Bark

This recipe can easily be made according to your preferences. You don't even need to make a full batch, just use half the package. If you'd rather use White Chocolate, just make that easy substitution, but I recommend melting 1/4 cup Coconut Oil with the White Chocolate (per 12 oz) so that it hardens up more and doesn't melt as easily while it's being eaten or stored in a warm kitchen.

1 package Vanilla Almond Bark, or 1 bag Candy Melts
     Melt until pourable. Working quickly, spread to desired shape and then sprinkle with toppings of choice:
  1 cup Pretzels (shape of choice...I love the "O" shaped ones)
1 cup of Jelly Beans, M&M's, Skittles or other small candy of choice
Cake and Cookie Sprinkles
Contrasting color of Candy melts for drizzling, if desired
        Break or cut into desired size pieces. Alternately, pour into Silicone molded shapes for individual servings. Spread toppings over top, lightly pressing them into the chocolate to keep from falling off when you break or cut it.
       Store in a covered container. Freeze if keeping for more than few days, with parchment paper between each layer, and space between each piece.

Little Leprechaun Puffed Rice Balls

This recipe is a different take on the standard Rice Krispie treat, using Puffed Rice in place of some of the Crisped Rice. I love it this way, and so does everyone that tries it, so I really recommend the switch. Puffed Rice can sometimes be hard to find in the stores, but look in the organic section if you're not finding it with the regular cereals. Brown Puffed Rice can be used instead of white. If you can't find Frosted Rice Krispies, you can substitute regular.


1/2 cup Coconut Oil (or butter if you choose) 

2/3 package of Marshmallows (or a full 10 oz package)*      

*Note: I used Green ones to start with, so I didn't add any additional food coloring 

1 tsp Almond Extract

Food coloring, optional**
4 cups Puffed Rice
2 cups Frosted Rice Krispies
        Melt coconut oil and marshmallows in microwave on high for 1 minute. Stir to combine and add extract. Pour over cereal until combined. Shape into balls, using more coconut oil or cooking spray on your hands to help with not sticking!
        ** If adding food coloring, it's best to do so when you add the extract.

Shamrock Shorties 

I was at the grocery store one day picking up some carrot baby food for a recipe I was creating (more on that soon!) and I discovered the most adorable little baby food jars. They just screamed mini-dessert cups to me! So I've put them into action for this fun dessert, but like all the others I'm sharing in this segment, the applications for other holidays and flavors are endless! (By the way, they are "Beechnut" brand "Stage 1" flavors that come in these jars).

Green Velvet Cake, made according to package directions* (I sub melted butter and milk for the oil and water)
      Cut the cake into rounds that will fit the jar size (or tear into pieces if desired). 
      * I used a green cake mix (there's so many colors available now!) but you can make it from scratch if desired.
1/2 package (4 oz) Cream Cheese, at room temp
1/2 cup Powdered Sugar 
1 tsp Almond Extract, optional but it makes such a difference in flavor!
 1 small package Pistachio Pudding Mix
1/2 cup Cream (or 1/2 & 1/2)
        Soften the cream cheese very well with a mixer until smooth; blend in the sugar, pudding, cream and extract.
       Layer the cake in the bottom, then a layer of the cheesecake mixture, then repeat. Can be topped with whipped cream and sprinkles, or a gold coin.

Healthy Snacks:

Rainbow Fruit Parfait with Greek Yogurt, Taste the Roasted Rainbow platter, Cheese Quesadillas with Red Onion Jam.

  Taste the Roasted Rainbow

So now we are throwing in a little healthy bit o' the Green! Roasting vegetables brings out their natural sugars, and they become like nature's candy! Serve these hot, or at room temperature. Try them with the Shamrock Quesadillas for a healthy protein and anti-oxidant filled snack!

  Vegetables of choice, washed and prepared.    (Note: Some vegetables, like carrots and potatoes will need a pre-cook method to soften them up. This can be done with boiling, steaming or microwaving.) 

 Preheat oven to 425°. Place cut vegetables on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or a Silpat mat. Coat with oil of choice, season if desired and roast until desired doneness. Turn occasionaly if needed to cook evenly.

Avocado-Edamame Dip

This beautiful green dip can be used with veggies, chips, tortillas or even as a sandwich spread. If you can't find Creme Fraiche, you can substitute with Sour Cream. 


1 cup Cooked Edamame beans (without the shell)
1 whole rips Avocado
1/2 cup Creme Fraiche
1/2 lime, squeezed
1 tsp Garlic
1 tsp Salt
1 tsp Perfect Pinch Garlic and Pepper seasoning (or seasoning of choice)
1/2 tsp Ground Black Pepper
      In a food processor or blender, combine all ingredients until desired texture is reached. Refrigerate leftovers tightly covered.


   Green Apple and Basil Irish Sodas

This drink is a fun item to have on a self serve bar at parties. Any simple syrup can be used in place of the recipe I'm giving today, but the proportions of different ingredients are always the same. It's not meant to be sticky sweet like a regular soda is, but more of a dessert cream drink.

Green Apple Flavor:
1 TBL Green Apple Jell-O (Jolly Rancher brand)
3 TBL Sugar
1/2 cup boiling water 
        Stir until dissolved, let cool and pour into a serving vessel.

 Basil Simple Syrup:
1 cup water
1 1/4 cup Sugar
5 stems of Fresh Basil, washed
          Bring water and sugar to a boil, reduce to a low simmer. Add basil stems and simmer for 2 hours, stirring occasionally. Strain out basil, cool mixture, and pour into a serving vessel. Keep refrigerated for up to 2 weeks.

  To assemble a soda:

In a 9 oz cup, fill 3/4 full of crushed or pebbled ice. Add Sparking Water 3/4 of the glass. Add 1-2 oz of Simple Syrup, depending on preference. Top with 1 oz of Cream or 1/2 & 1/2. 

  Here's the video:

KSL-am St Patrick's Day Fun with Emily Thompson



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